Platform Detail

What is it?

It is a platform for people of similar mindset who believe in helping others. By joining our network everyone gets to share and enhance each other’s lives in a convenient and effective way.

How does it help?

You will join under other people who are already on the platform and help the person directly above you with the first level amount and you will keep doing this for all the available upgrade levels. Now, when new people directly joined under you, they will send you the first level donation. And new people bring by them when upgrade to second level will send you second level donation. The Platform have ten levels and with ten levels of upgrade you will be eligible to get donation from your ten level down-line board positions. Check with the Table at the Bottom of the Page for Donation to Send & Receive

What you should do?

While you help others through this platform, you will also need to motivate other people to join the platform and help others. The people whom you motivate to join the platform will join under you. They will send their donation straight to your Bitcoin Address and this is followed by receiving the Upgrade Level amount from each of the people they invite. This process keeps expanding and helps you gain enough money in a convenient way. No Traffic or Marketing Effort Required anymore.

In our Platform we have Ten Upgrade levels and a member can have a maximum of Five Direct Board Members. But you are welcome to invite unlimited members to help the community and complete your Board faster (members you invite will always be in any available level on your Board). With First Level Upgrade you will be eligible to get donations from your Direct/Level 1 Board Downline. With Second Level Upgrade you will be eligible to get Level 2 Upgrade donations from Level 2 Board Downline and so on. If you you are a Level 1 Upgrade Member and one of your Level 2 Board Member sending Level 2 Upgrade Donation, being in Level 1 Upgrade you will not be eligible for the donation and the donation will be pass up to your Board Upline.
Check with the below Image to understand it better. In the example image we are showing Five Upgrade Levels with Two members in each Level !!

Check with the below table for detail about how much donation you will send for each upgrade level and how many and how much donations you can receive in each level.

Donation Send No. of Donation Donation Receive
Basic 0.00099999 BTC 5 0.00499995 BTC
Primary 0.00129999 BTC 25 0.03249975 BTC
Enhanced 0.00179999 BTC 125 0.22499875 BTC
Standard 0.00199999 BTC 625 1.24999375 BTC
Advanced 0.00259999 BTC 3,125 8.12496875 BTC
Ultimate 0.00279999 BTC 15,625 43.74984375 BTC
Extreme 0.00299999 BTC 78,125 234.37421875 BTC
Professional 0.00359999 BTC 390,625 1,406.24609375 BTC
Diamond 0.00379999 BTC 1,953,125 7,421.85546875 BTC
Platinium 0.00399999 BTC 9,765,625 39,062.40234375 BTC
Total 0.02589990 BTC 12,207,030 48,178.26542970 BTC